Students relate their MAD experience!

31 March 2009

MAD Nite success! Participating students, Zahra and Amsal, relate their joy and pride...

March 27 and 28, 2009 saw the performance by the CAS Club MAD NITE members. Special thanks to all staff and faculty who helped this event be so enriching and successful.
Click to enlarge image Amsal Lakhani (year 7A: "For CAS Clubs in the 2nd term, I chose MAD NITE Club to be a part of MAD NITE, which took place on the 27th and 28th of March 2009. It has been an enriching experience for me to work with Mr. Godiah and the cast and to help in the MAD NITE production, Disturbia. I really learnt a lot about drama in the Senior School and immensely increased my acting skills and self-confidence. Being a part of this amazing show has been a lot of fun, watching the play evolve from a group of students and teachers sitting in the drama room and brainstorming, to the eye-opening performance of Music, Art and Drama. I cannot wait for next year, when I will be first in line to sign up for the MAD NITE Club!"

Click to enlarge image Zahra Tejpar (year 11M: "The performance we had on Friday and Saturday night was fantastic. We worked extremely hard to bring out what we did. I feel that even though I performed my role back-stage, I was very supportive to the other students who went onstage. To prepare for a big performance is not very easy. It requires a lot of dedication and I feel that whoever was involved in one way or the other worked very hard to perform well. Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Godiah, Mr. Otieno and Kevin on behalf of the cast and crew. Without them, this would not have been a success."

Click to enlarge imageEliza Alarakhia (year 11): “MAD, is an abbreviation for Music, Art & Drama; the three aspects which entail the annual production at our Academy. An utterly hilarious, yet productive three weeks of preparation saw us to a brilliant two night production highlighting to the peak – various talents throughout the Visual and Dramatic Arts. The participants were like a bright radiance eager to shine progressively, this was beyond doubt the reason for the success of our production, and left the audience in awe and mesmerized by the quality of talent at our school. The centre of excellence, most definitely showcased it’s excellence during the performances; the singing, acting and art definitely had to have been recognized.

Consistent perseverance and determination were always a part of us, and naturally, made every step towards the production worthwhile, whether a challenge or an achievement. Working with people of different backgrounds and age groups taught me a great deal, such events not only entertain an audience, but is also a constant learning process as an actor. The betterment of my acting skills only progresses because of the great people around me, you learn and aspire to be like them, and in the fullness of time improve as a person. The feeling of being on stage was exuberating!
It was truly an honor to be part of yet another school production.
Bravo to the cast and crew!”
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