C'est magnifique !

01 July 2009

AKMSS French Trip to Paris

French is a very popular and successful subject at AKMSS, so it was no surprise when the idea of a trip to Paris, where real French people actually speak French all day and "pommes frites" are on the menu and the Eiffel Tower soars above the traffic, was suggested, lots of students were keen to go.

Twenty students from Years 9-12 visited Paris between June 20th and 30th accompanied by three French teachers. Students and teachers stayed with different French host families, which gave the students a chance to really develop their language skills. The group also visited several cultural and touristic sites in and around the French capital, including the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles. Students completed written assignments in French after each visit.

All was not work however, as one full day was spent at Euro Disney! The success of this first trip will most certainly lead to the organization of similar ones in the future.
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