Re Learning Experience

10 June 2009

Written by Sundas Sajid (class 9C)

PrISM is a subject that teaches us how to live in this society. It is the abbreviation of personal, intellectual, social and moral development. This subject is taught in school since class III onwards. It has a special syllabus designed and planned for the whole year. Students are made to do various activities in this subject like booklet making, posters and banners making etc. it is a subject which caters to the holistic development of a child. Many times amongst the group of friends we talked about how this period is actually supporting us or not. Whether it is actually taken seriously by the students of the class? In class we often talked that we fail to see the implementation in our fails, however as we qualified into senior classes we witness a great change in ourselves. The realization that true personality sparkles with sound character and not just ornamentation is the first change I noticed in myself. When I reflected I realized that it was my teacher whose voice echoed in my ear making me understand that if I am smiling and helpful to others it will enable me to have everlasting friendships rather than wearing dangling ear rings. How true our teachers were in showing us that respect, right attitude is the key to success. I cannot thank my teachers enough for teaching me those values, but above all I think I salute my school for introducing and exposing all children with such curricula that polishes and shines their personality completely.
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