Reflection on Winter Camp 2008

02 February 2009

Articles by Syed Hasnain Qadri (Class VIII D) and Pushpak Kumar (Class VIII C)

Looking back, I reflect on the learning I acquired from the opportunity provided for attending the winter camp in my school. It was basically a computer camp in which three sessions were held on the topics of “Movie Maker, Power Point Presentation and Adobe Photoshop”. My interest was around the art of making movies so I enrolled myself in the Movie Maker session. The session was conducted by Mr. Faizan Ahmed and co - facilitated by Ms. Farah Shoaib and Mr. Akber Amirali. When we were asked to identify a theme or a topic for our movie, I immediately decided to choose “our school” as a topic. The instructor told us about the tips and tricks of using Microsoft Movie Maker which I enjoyed very much. I capture the photographs and started making movie clips for my movie. It was fun looking at my school from that lens. My God! My school’s beauty got revealed the first time and I felt lucky to be a part of this school. It was fun working in a group in an informal setting with my friends. The facilitators were in altogether different mood. It supported me to raise my confidence and I acquired a skill too.

In my point of view we should have these types of sessions on regular basis which will be a great help for students, those who wants to enhance their computer skills and use them in their daily life.

By Syed Hasnain Qadri
Class VIII D

Hello Everyone! My name is Pushpak Kumar and I am a student of class 8-C. Through this writing piece I want to tell you that teachers of Aga Khan School, Garden are trying hard to polish out the talent hidden in their students. So in this process they took one more step by arranging a winter camp for the students where we got a superb chance to explore the talent by performing some activities. The activities were as follows:
1. Windows Movie Maker
2. Microsoft PowerPoint
3. Adobe Photoshop

I participated in two of them i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop. In PowerPoint we were guided by the instructors about the parts which are used in making a beautiful and impressive presentation, in which children explore their talent and worked hard and gave us the very good information which we used in the shape of written presentation and pictorial presentation. When our teachers saw that their limits of happiness reached the sky. They were successful in introducing their students to a new thing.

The next session was of Adobe Photoshop, an exciting and most favorite activity of students. In this we became familiar with the tools that were used at different stages. In this activity students got a chance to make anything which they liked. In this activity our teachers came to know that how much talented the students of Aga Khan School are.

Our school always tries to utilize the time of the children in a very effective way by exploring their talent through different activities. May the school keep working hard to take their students at the peak of success. (Insha Allah)

By Pushpak Kumar
Class VIII C
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