Aga Khan School Open House

10 June 2009

By Ms. Almas Amin and Ms. Gulistan Habib

First of all I would like to say that Open house was a memorable day. As a parent, I observed that the children of ECD section were full of energy. The students performed very well and this was the teachers’ diligent efforts. I enjoyed the Open House this year because the children did an excellent job in entertaining all the parents. I am very satisfied with the ECD Section of the Aga Khan School, Garden.

Being a parent of the children who are studying in Aga Khan School since the beginning of their schooling, I wish to state that I feel I have taken a very right decision by admitting my children in this school. I think this is the institute which gives importance to the holistic development of the children. I have seen that they not only have well designed curriculum but activities like sports, music, art and crafts etc are also taken care of. As every one knows ECD which is the part of our school is considered to be very important and effective for a child. ECD section tries to give all rounded education for each child. The school tries to develop a strong base, and cater to the needs of the child. So for all above reasons I think I have selected the right school. I think so, by making our children study here, we are given them a bright future as here the child is taught how to manage him self in this competitive world. My children have learnt a lot here through the activities and project based methods which has made their learning very easy.

By Ms. Almas Amin

Being a parent I am satisfied with the study of my children in Aga Khan School. This is one of the best institutes to give all the opportunities to the child to explore the world and also be able to relate with children from diversified cultures. The teachers are also facilitating the child by their genuine efforts, I am very thankful to all the teachers and management of the school who are supporting my son in the learning process.

Ms. Gulistan Habib
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