Math Quiz

10 February 2008

The junior section of Aga Khan School, Garden organized "Math Quiz" for its students.

The junior section of Aga Khan School, Garden organized "Math Quiz" for its students. The purposes of the activity was to expand mathematical knowledge, build thinking and reasoning skills and apply the learnt skills confidently in their every day practical life experiences.

The process of selecting students from the classes was done before the final day through an effective criterion. It included a short test of about 10 questions from each section. Students who achieved highest marks were the finalist. The final day was held on 13th, 14th and 15th October 2008. There were three rounds of the quiz. 1st round was the individual round, 2nd was the mental Math’s quiz and 3rd and final round was the round in which they had to complete the worksheet with mathematical questions in a specified time. After each round the audience was asked math questions.

The participants were well prepared and competition was very tough. All the students were very happy which was expressed by their responses during answering of the questions. Audience was appreciating their classmates by clapping. The entire atmosphere was tense as the final round came up. Peers of participants prayed for the success of their friends. The teachers were also excited to know which one of their students actually would become mathematics wizard.

As the results were announced, there was a roar of noise clapping as their favourite participant had won the competition. The teachers felt rewarded and appreciated. All participants including the winners achieved prizes. Every one now wants to have more and more such competitions so that they get an opportunity to let the world know that they too can succeed.
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