Book Talk Session

12 December 2008

The most important skill anyone can learn is the ability to go on learning

As said by His Highness the Aga Khan that "The most important skill anyone can learn is the ability to go on learning". It is very true in this developing world of information and intellect where power is for those who believe in ongoing process of self learning. This same learning dimension is very much in accordance to AKESP vision who aims to be A dynamic learning organization achieving excellence.

The activity of reading books and writing summary of the read story is done by students of class IV and V. The students first settled in a circle and then they were given the instructions about the whole activity. They started with selection of books on their own followed by reading of it and then retelling the story, which they did very well. At last students were asked to write a summary on the story read by them. The work was done beautifully showing a lot of creativeness, they also presented their summary. The whole activity was shooted.

We were asked to select 3 best summaries from each section and those were be given rewards on Monday 3rd November 2008.

Besides the above activity, the students also did other creative work related to this activity like preparing story chart, models of library, pictures of library and writing the rules to be followed in the library, booklets, small story books, poem books etc. which was displayed on the soft boards in the corridors.
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