AKA,Mombasa offers authorized IB teacher-training workshops

15 November 2009

Before a school receives authorization to teach the IB curriculum, the teachers involved are required to undergo necessary training. The Aga Khan Academy now offers authorized IB teacher-training workshops for Primary and Middle School teachers as well as Diploma teachers.

To accommodate a diverse range of learners, the IB workshops are designed for both new and experienced teachers interested in increasing their knowledge and expertise about the IB program.


The workshops include strategies and techniques for teaching IB courses effectively in a classroom and are led by highly-trained IB experts. Each workshop allows teachers to assess and build their skills around the curriculum as well as understand and compare the assessment criteria. The workshops also offer teachers a chance to interact directly with and be able to offer their input to the workshop leaders. They also allow the participants to discuss and share their own ideas, practices, and strategies, while working alongside other IB teachers from a broad range of backgrounds.


To register and get more information: http://www.agakhanschools.org/academies/mombasa/staff_professional.asp


For the calendar of the workshops offered at the AKA,Mombasa please visit:

http://www.ibo.org/events/w016DPBama10/ for the Diploma Programme

http://www.ibo.org/events/w017MYPBama10/ for the MYP Programme

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