The Aga Khan Junior Academy School Leaders

22 February 2010

"A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not." John Quincy Adam. Article by Anoushka Kassam, Anouskha Bhari, Eric Kibogo & Ruhee Dawood - Grade 6.

Some student leaders assisting younger students.At the Aga Khan Junior Academy, for many years it has been the school tradition to elect the Grade 6 students to assist the teachers in various areas of leading the school. The leaders are involved in helping the teachers with discipline around the school, lining up classes, helping supervise classes during indoor break and lunch, overseeing school functions as ambassadors etc. The leaders are elected through a transparent and democratic process. The students write a letter of application to the staff discussing their intentions. The staff then votes on the students that they would like on the leadership team and a team of 15 leaders is then elected.

This year’s leaders from 6A are: Narissa Shamji, Vishal Devani, Rabab Tayeb, Diva Shah and Fiya Shah

The leaders from 6K are: Eric Kibogo, Anoushka Kassam, Anoushka Bhari, Gaia Aggarwal, Alykhan Hajee, Sahil Nanji, Gathoni Kangethe and Ruhee Dawood.

The leaders usually meet on Thursday at break time in 6K to up-date what has been happening around the school, discuss any burning issues etc.


Being a leader at the A.K.J.A is a challenging role that helps students build their leadership skills and enhances their self-confidence and problem solving skills.

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