Halloween Howldown

12 December 2009

Article by Anam Cockar and Nura Mein 5K

On the 30th of October 2009 Nura and I prepared for a Halloween dress down. We first went to Ms. Belinda and asked if we could organize the dress down. She was thrilled to do it and so were we. Then, we went to Ms. Belinda every week and told her some of our new ideas and if she didn’t want them she would tell us. We asked if we could have a fun day with spooky games, activities and competitions to see who had the spookiest and who had the prettiest costumes. Ms. Belinda said that we should not do games or activities because she wanted us to have a normal school day but to go ahead with spooky ideas. Some of our teachers did not like the dress down but some went with it.

Finally the day arrived. Everyone was excited and came looking very spooky or pretty, some even brought masks - really scary and spooky masks! It was a fun and exciting day for everyone. Those who wore costumes brought ksh50/= or more , and this money that we raised is going to the Kenyatta National Hospital for the children with cancer.

Ms. Belinda visited the Hospital with Ms. Christine to see the children. The class with the highest amount of money raised was grade 3k. Altogether as a school we raised about 18 890 ksh. The children at the hospital will be very happy because we raised money for them. We are now going to take 2 children from each class to the hospital to have a party with the children. We will take a gift for each child, and an outfit for each to wear when they go to Church; we will also take a clown and a magician to have a lot of fun with them!

When Ms. Belinda told us all about her trip she said she felt very sad looking at children who have cancer and stay in the hospital. But we will bring them an afternoon of fun soon!

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