Residential Students' Expedition to Taita Hills

03 June 2010

Highlights from the camping and trekking expedition to the Taita Hills.

From May 21-25, the residential community set out for our annual expedition and camping trip. Built on the framework of the Presidents’ Award Scheme, the trip aimed to teach students basic survival skills, map reading and compass skills, and teamwork skills. We also insist that students bear responsibility for the way in which they treat their environment, leaving it better than the way they found it.


In school, we push and stretch students academically to see what they can achieve. In Taita Hills, we pushed and stretched students physically, mentally and emotionally -and we were so impressed by what they achieved. Before leaving the Academy, students were placed in groups, which they would hike and cook in.


We arrived at our first camp site on Friday, May 21 in the evening, excited and ready for the challenges that faced us. Students started the day early at 5:45am, cooked breakfast, and prepared for the day’s hike. After 14 km of hiking in the rain, students arrived at their next camp site. In their teams, students prepared for dinner, boiling rice and cutting the meat and vegetables. That night, we celebrated Mordecai’s birthday with cake and cheers. During the night, students (in groups of 5) took turns in shifts guarding the camp site.


Sunday morning was an even earlier start at 5am. After a morning jog and stretching, students prepared their breakfast and packed their lunch. Groups then departed, compass and map in hand, to negotiate the hills. 10 km later, students arrived at our camp for the night, tired and hungry, but in good spirits. Again, students prepared their dinners and guarded the campsite, as we prepared for our final day of trekking.


Monday morning was exciting, as we knew we would be climbing Mt. Vuria, the highest peak in Coast Province at 2228m. After 7 hours of trekking, the group finally topped the mountain. After taking lunch and a few photos, we headed back to camp for our last night.


The night culminated in skits and songs by each group, followed by another birthday celebration - Christine’s.


The students demonstrated tremendous heart, effort and discipline. Even though the journey was tough, groups kept a positive attitude and supported one-another.



Congratulations to everyone! We are looking forward to our expedition next year.


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