A succsessful Mount Kilimanjoro climb by the AKMSS Hiking Club

03 June 2010

The AKMSS Hiking Club had another successful climb of Mount Kilimanjaro this year. Every student made it to Kibo Hut at 4700m and nine made it to the summit, Uhuru Peak, including three girls.  The names of the successful summiters are: Farhana Bhanji, Abdul Fattah Dau, Hussein Alibhai, Jigar Kothari, Henna Jobanputra, Tasneem Bodalbhai, Mufaddal Nagree, Steven Josephat and Michael Kitange. 

Here is a summary of the training and dedication of all the club members:


·        The Hiking club began with a meeting open to all Year 10, IB1 and Form V students in September.  Great interest shown due to the organisation and success of last years club and 60 students signed up.

·        The group started the training after Ramadan with meetings and circuit training around the school that took place every Tuesday after school.

·        Training intensified with longer hikes between Sea Cliff Village and school (22km) on Saturday mornings with an overnight trip to Kim beach (south of Dar) in November.  The club members slept on the beach and then hiked along the coastline 25km back to Dar and the school.

·        Regular fitness tests were held and there was a significant and quantifiable improvement in the student’s fitness level.

·        The final selection of students took place at the beginning of February and behaviour, fitness, attendance and commitment to the club were used as criteria.  35 students were selected on our final list.

·        A climb of the Uluguru Mountains in Morogoro was organised in March. The group hiked up to the summit and back again and all students reached the summit (2400m).

·        In March the training intensified further, with Friday sessions at Richmond Tower.  The students would climb up and

       down the 15 floors ten times carrying 9kg bags.

·        The students embarked on their f

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