IB Diploma Results

19 August 2010

Aga Khan Academy Nairobi brings in top results in IB Diploma and IGCSE Examinations

The Aga Khan Academy Nairobi delivered outstanding results in the May 2010 IB Diploma and IGCSE examinations, continuing its position as a school of excellence in the Kenyan educational landscape.

In the IB Diploma, the Senior School delivered a mean score of 32 points, up from 31 points last year. The top student, Ms. Sadaf Baig, obtained 43 points, up from 42 points last year. Congratulations to the top 10 students: Sadaf Baif (43 points), Shazia Shariff (38 points), Zoya Mohamed (38 points), Dip Patel (37 points), Rahim Jadavji (37 points), Surbi Bhangu (37 points), Jahanara Rahemtulla (36 points), Nabila Maalim (36 points), Joaanne Muchai (35 points) and Laila Rupani (35 points).

With the excellent results, students obtained admission to the best universities globally. Of the total 54 graduates, 14 have obtained placement in the top 10 universities in the UK and Canada, and 13 were granted scholarships by various universities. To-date, 76% have enrolled in universities of their choice, and the rest are working on finalizing their admissions. The school expects to have over 90% admission rate to international universities.

IGCSE Results
The Aga Khan Academy Nairobi delivered outstanding results in the May 2010 IGCSE results, attaining a 95% pass rate improving from 93% in 2009. The top student obtained 9 A* grades, and the top Ismaili student obtained 5A* and 4A grades. Over 45% of all grades were A* and A and over 70 were A* and B.

The school has thus continued to deliver against its reputation as a top school to study for the O-level IGCSE and progress to the most recognized pre-university programme globally – the IB Diploma.

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