Prize day at Mzizima

19 October 2010

 Mzizima held their annual prize giving day on Tuesday October 5th, 2010 at the Diamond Jubilee Hall. Students were awarded prizes for their excellent achievements during the past year for academic subjects as well as extra- curricular activities. Many parents attended to provide their support to the students and the Chairman of the AKES,T Board of Directors, Karim Kanji and the AKMSS Headteacher, Fidelis Nthenge addressed the audience by congratulating the students for all the success that the school and students have accomplished and encouraged them to continue to raise the bar of their school.


 “It is crucial that we do not let the increasing emphasis on test results and marks, become the only goals of education. We must never lose sight of our essential role in encouraging and developing well-rounded individuals who will be responsible, articulate and participatory citizens, and the future leaders of our community.” Said Karim Kanji


He went on to stress the commitment of the Board of Directors to the success of Mzizima. “The AKES,T Board of Directors will work with all of our schools to continue to improve the quality of education offered to our current and future students. It is our mission to raise the bar of our institution, to produce world-class schools that strive to achieve excellence. We are well aware that there is still a lot to be done but I would like to assure that these gaps have been incorporated in the objectives and strategies of 2011.”


Fidelis thanked the prize winners for al their efforts but noted that there have been many contributors to the achievements of the school. “While we have all been through some challenging times this past year, there have been many more satisfying accomplishments along the way. I want to express my personal and heartfelt thanks to all of you, for maintaining your balance, your sense of humor, your fortitude and most of all your humanity throughout the challenges of the year. Our special thanks go to our Prize winners, who have gathered us here to celebrate the school’s achievements.” Said Fidelis Nthenge



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