Reading Buddies

10 May 2012

An anecdote from Ms. Naheeda Karmali, PYP Coordinator, that demonstrates what the Primary Years Programme at AKA, Mombasa is about.

A glimpse into the meaning of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) through the eyes of Ms. Naheeda Karmali, PYP Coordinator:

During lunchtime last week on Friday I sat at a table with Mudassir (Year 1). He had a bowl of noodles for lunch. He shovelled and slurped and swallowed, repeatedly. The bowl was done in minutes. He looked up, pushed his chair in, wished the rest of us a happy lunch and left the Commons. I smiled to myself and was proud of the little boy's politeness.

Sabrina and Farosat (Year 6) were also at my table. They spoke in Tajik and then also rushed to finish the last few morsels of their lunch. Now I was starting to feel left out. Was there something I was missing? A lunchtime event that I was not invited to? What was this lunchtime buzz?

I asked Sabrina what they would be doing after lunch. She said, very simply and nonchalantly, "Read." An ideal way to spend lunchtime, I thought. Pleased with the response, I enjoyed the rest of my meal.

That evening, Ms. Olang, the Year 1 Kiswahili teacher, sent out an email with the image below. I was awestruck. A wonderful way to end the week! I was beaming, content and reassured that this is exactly the kind of learning outcome we desire from a student-centered curriculum.

Monday morning, we recognised Mudassir for his initiative and making independent choices on how to spend his free time, and we acknowledged his confidence to read to English language learners from Tajikistan. Above all, we honoured his caring nature in supporting our new students in adjusting to a new learning environment and language of instruction.

This is what the PYP at AKA, Mombasa is about.

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