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25 July 2012

Our school was proud to attend the 30th annual EAMUN conferences, which took part this year from 13 to 17 February at the United Nations Offices Nairobi.

Our school was proud to attend the 30th annual EAMUN conferences, which took part this year from 13 to 17 February at the United Nations Offices Nairobi.

Model United Nations became an international program beginning 1923. Today, these conferences are held in many countries and offer opportunities for students at various levels of education.

2012 was extraordinary, as the students who attended the conferences from our school did not only consist of delegates, but also Securitaries (Simran Maru, Rushab Nandha, Qahir Rahim and Mehboob Chatur), the Head Secretary General (Shiro Wachira), an Editor-In-Chief for the press corps (Jasmine Chana), Ambassador (Kevin Maina) and a Senior Chair (Azra Lalji).

The main theme for this year’s conference was the importance and appreciation of culture. Videos, presentations and speeches were made to share experiences and open our minds to challenges that would lead us to several opportunities. In the opening ceremony, all EAMUN participants were inspired by the words from Ms. Sahle Zewde, UNON, Director General, “you should contribute to the future you want. “Contribute to a future full of opportunities.” Her speech was full of powerful words, convincing us that we really can be the change in this world.

A quotation that inspired all students came from a story told by the Late Wangari Maathai about a hummingbird who tried to put out a fire in a forest alone, whilst every other animal fled their homes and did not help. When the hummingbird was asked what it was doing, it replied, “I am doing what I can.” The quotation became a question that we asked ourselves throughout the conference week. “Will you be a hummingbird, and will you do the best that you can?”

Our school was assigned to write resolutions for Switzerland, Trinidad, Tobago and Bangladesh. Students challenged themselves to speak out in the conferences, and towards the end of the week, we learnt that mistakes are a part of how we learn.

Delegates were also shown a video that told us that 2011 was a year of adversity, crossroads, revolution, remembrance, possibility and inspiration. The video reminded us of the major events that took place last year. Some included the Japan earthquake and tsunami, the Brazil floods, the death of Osama bin Laden, a father who lost his son in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, early arrivals of soldiers from wars that had ended and the southern Sudan independence. The video showed us that no matter how bad or good last year was for us, we still survived, and we should live this year with a positive attitude! The video ended with five simple words which were, “We made it. Search on.”

The key factor that one must consider before thinking of becoming a leader is that we must consider others before ourselves, and we should love others more than ourselves. It doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from; we are here today to learn from each other, and this is exactly what the student of Aga Khan Academy will do. We now learn, experience, teach and share everything we do.

Let’s build a strong leadership for tomorrow!

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