The Aga Khan School, Osh

AKSO Learning Resource Center (LRC): Suitable environment for intellectual grow

01 October 2019

“LRC operates to ensure the suitable environment that allows learner benefit from any kind of learning resources”-underlined Rahimova Ludmila the Head of the AKS LRC.

Equipped with a DVD room, computers and internet access, the AKS Learning Resource Center (LRC) providing students annually with all subjects’ books extending the best opportunities to further enhance students learning experience. In addition, students have several literary genres and materials at their disposal including fiction, scientific and reference books, magazines, media and video in Russian, English, and Kyrgyz, totaling over 15,600 learning resources in LRC’s library including 13,000 textbooks for students and teachers use, and over 2000 periodicals.
Aiming to advance the learning experience of students and teachers in any educational sector, AKS LRC also amalgamates the planned activities with the school program and events calendar. In September 2019, the LRC organized events contributing in motivation and enhancement of the learning process of students through competitions such as: Olympic games in speed reading, Celebration of the Kyrgyz Language Decade, LRC lessons for the new students, a week of checking cleanliness of textbooks,  Math quiz during October, Mathematics Decade and reading and performing fairy tales. As a result, 8 students of grades 5-8 won the speedreading competition proving the student’s hard work and passion for learning. 

“This competition was very interesting especially because of the teamwork. We had a great learning experience,” expressed Shambetov’ Aydin and Shamshiev Alikhan, grade 5 students.  

“LRC operates to ensure the suitable environment that allows learners to benefit from any kind of learning resources,” underlined Rahimova Ludmila, Head of the AKS LRC.