The Aga Khan School, Osh

Non-stop Professional Development of English teachers

20 October 2019

As part of the ongoing curriculum development programme, the Aga Khan School, Osh, has implemented a long-term professional development programme for academic staff, specifically for the English language teachers.

This AKES initiative is being implemented through the professional support of international consultant William Phillips contributing through development of the new English Language Curriculum for both Aga Khan schools in Tajikistan and Kyrgyz Republic during the Academic Year (AY) 2019-2020.

This new English Curriculum is intended to be one that encourages understanding and respect of the cultures involved, pluralism through linguistic diversity, and one that allows learners not just to read and write at university level by the end of high school, but to do so in a foreign language. 

“Thanks to the new curriculum and professional development programme, I feel more confident in my role, I have more time to aid my students in achieving their goals, and I can see the improvements in their English language ability every day.” expressed Aida Joroeva, Teacher of English language. 

All English language teachers are engaging in professional development sessions to ensure they are using the most current, internationally recognized teaching best practices. As of September 2019, students of grade 5 to 11 of all mediums have joined the new programme and have been provided with world class National Geographic textbooks and materials. The new curriculum programme will encompass revised and expanded advanced literacy practices to better aid students in building the skills needed to achieve an up to date level of knowledge enabling them to attend and compete in accredited Universities across the globe.