The Aga Khan School, Osh

My impressions about the games of the nomads

24 October 2019

“I think the cultural and traditional values of the Kyrgyz people need to be preserved and passed on from generation to generation,” expressed Sezim Osmonova, a 7B grade student from the Aga Khan school in Osh.

My impressions about the games of the nomads
 “My name is Sesim and I want to share my impressions about the games of nomads in the city of Talas, which I was lucky to participate in. I received a call from a designer, whom I met when I volunteered for a festival in Osh earlier. She invited me as a model to demonstrate her clothing line in the retro ethnic styles for girls and future brides. I was familiar with her work, and I liked the colors she applies in her clothes.

The city of Osh was represented by 163 people. Among them: artisans, weavers, komuzists, theater actors, dancers and designers. The performance is very colorful; our city was given the task of showing the birth of a child and the Beshikke Boloo process. The theater performance and beautiful and interesting costumes awed both guests and judges. Dozens of yurts were decorated in ancient ways and with objects of our ancestors. Dinner tables were laden with dishes of national cuisine; kazy, beshbarmak, etc. All this was evaluated by a jury from seven regions. Guests from abroad asked for joint photos as our national costumes were amazingly interesting and beautiful.

We were thanked for our contribution to the nomad games. Here I learned about the national games of our ancestors, how they lived, how the Kyrgyz heroes were born and died, how time has changed and how our ancestors looked before.”