The Aga Khan School, Osh

Aga Khan School, Osh student reflects on FLEX programme in the US

19 December 2022

Aizirek Abdikaimova, a Grade 11 student from the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh, is currently studying in Texas through the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Programme, which is a competitive, merit-based, year-long scholarship programme to study in the United States.

Aga Khan School, Osh student reflects on FLEX programme in the US
FLEX encourages students to gain leadership skills and form long-term relationships with other students, teachers and their host families in the US. So far for Aizirek, who has been in the US since August, she has learned a lot.  

Aizirek is currently a student at Taylor High School in Taylor, Texas. She appreciates the school community and finds it very welcoming and supportive. However, Aizirek said her transition to the school in Texas was smooth due to the knowledge she received at AKS, Osh.  

“What’s helping me to be an outstanding student here are the critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills I gained at AKS, Osh,” Aizirek said. “We got to work on a huge number of projects at AKS, Osh, which I'm also doing here in Texas. Gaining other skills from AKS, Osh, such as being an open-minded, curious and proactive learner has helped my transition to my new school.” 

Aizirek says she is particularly interested in statistics at her new school, which she is able to connect to the economics class she took at AKS, Osh. Additionally, she says she is confidently able to share the history and culture of the Kyrgyz Republic with her peers and host family in Texas due to the history classes she took at AKS, Osh. Currently, Aizirek is attending English literature classes to enhance her language skills and is starting to plan out where she wants to go to university after the FLEX programme.  

“I’m fortunate that the school I’m currently attending provides me with opportunities to get ready for university, including paying for students to take the SAT exam, which is a requirement for university admission in the US,” Aizirek said. “I’m also grateful to AKS, Osh for helping me get into this programme and for the other opportunities it’s provided my classmates and me.” 

Photos (top to bottom): 
  • Aizirek (fourth from right in front) with her classmates in the US
  • Aizirek (right) doing a presentation on Kyrgyz Republic with a classmate