School Library

The School has a well-established and modern library with quick and easy Internet access, and books on a variety of subjects and topics.

Computer Laboratory

The school's fully equipped 20-computer laboratory offers students access to audio-visual and printing facilities. The School emphasises education through computers by encouraging students to include web-based research for various class projects and assignments. There are no dedicated computer lessons but teachers give students access to the computer lab when required.

Medical Services

A full-time registered nurse provides first aid treatment, conducts health classes and maintains students’ health records.

Health & Safety

To encourage an awareness of essential health and safety issues, the School arranges for doctors and nutritionists to deliver presentations on relevant topics. Topics include Personal Hygiene and Care, Adolescence and ENT Diseases: Prevention and Cure.

Science Laboratories

For students to clearly develop and understand scientific theories, it is essential to practically experience them. The School has an adequately equipped science laboratory with equipment, apparatus, chemicals and required instruments for Biology, Physics and Chemistry experiments.

Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Early Childhood Education and Development section has learning corners in the classrooms and a Learning Resource Centre (LRC), which is a place where students and teachers can further explore the resources for their learning. The LRC has a vast collection of books, learning materials, computers and musical instruments where students and teachers can enhance their learning along with classroom activities.

Farm Area

Early Childhood Education and Development section has a farm area where students grow plants and learn about nature by observing the developmental stages of the plants. This enhances students’ exploration skills, confidence and caring attitude towards the environment.

Sand and Water Area

Early Childhood Education and Development students love to visit the sand and water area where they enjoy and learn through play and have fun.


The School canteen offers a variety of food and snacks for students and teachers at reasonable prices. Food quality is closely monitored by the School administration.

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