AKELC Parent Testimonials

Here's what our parents say about AKELC:

"Aga Khan Early Learning Centre gets a full vote from me, for being a premium, child-centered learning centre. Spacious, airy, and child-safe gym and classroom areas, daily nature walks with the most loving and nurturing set of teachers and volunteers, a daily log and record of the items and amounts consumed at breakfast, focus on hygiene, the songs they learn during circle time - what's not to love for a 16 month old and her mother! Plus, and this is a big one, they always have friendly faces at reception. :)"


"AKELC is the best thing that happened to us after our first son was born. They became our partners in raising our kid, providing the best care, knowledge and guidance which we believe will go a long way in our son's development and learning. Thanks AKELC."


"The nursery provides a very safe, healthy and engaging environment for my child. There are regular events and programs initiated by the nursery involving Parent , child and teachers .The content and the target of these events is to address the needs of young children and provide a great insight for us on parent - child interaction."


"Extremely impressed with the balance of curriculum, the staff and the close interest taken with each and every child individually. Have seen great improvement in my child's development and the support provided is spectacular."


"I love this nursery because it's very spacious, has lots of natural light and a good amount of area to play outdoors too. Their emphasis on ensuring children of all ages get introduced to books is commendable. It's one of the few nurseries that has a library with a great collection of books. Their emphasis on healthy eating habits and independence from an early age is also appreciated by all parents. Having lots of extracurricular activities is another big differentiating factor. Have not seen many nurseries that hold soccer and yoga lessons for the little ones."


"I found a caring, loving team from the cleaner to the management. Never doubted their professionalism, transparency and flexibility!"


"The best educational nursery. I enrolled my son from 1.5 years ago. It is enough for me to wake him up every morning excited to go to meet his friends, teachers, helpers and spending beneficial time there. The staff and management cares a lot about the safety, hygiene of the spacious classroom sizes and I have never seen something like it in any other nursery in Dubai. They are so professional in guiding not only kids but parents as well in their journey to raise up responsible kids by organizing parents coffee morning to discuss an important topic. Staff are dealing with kids having a heart of gold."


"What attracted us to the nursery was the facility - purpose built classrooms, large, airy, natural light, hygiene and play grounds. What has delighted us is the quality and love of teaching staff, management, helpers and attention to curriculum. Parent involvement is encouraged through regular coffee mornings with parents, fun days for the family and systematic feedback on milestone development of the child."


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