The Aga Khan High School, Nairobi

Aga Khan High School, Nairobi unveils newly refurbished basketball court

28 February 2023

The Aga Khan High School (AKHS), Nairobi recently unveiled its newly refurbished basketball court through a ceremony at the school.

Aga Khan High School, Nairobi unveils newly refurbished basketball court
The new basketball court has been long awaited by many individuals across the school. It will enable the school’s sports department to help students interested in basketball develop their skills, while also providing the students with a space to play and interact with each other, building friendships and enhancing their communication and social skills. Additionally, the basketball court will play host to numerous inter-school tournaments within Nairobi county.  

“We are grateful for the renovations as it has given our team the zeal to compete with other schools,” said Grade 12 student Siffan Alemayehu, who is also the captain of AKHS, Nairobi’s basketball team.  

The unveiling ceremony of the court included its first-ever friendly inter-school kick-off match between AKHS, Nairobi and the Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi – Senior School boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. At the end of the match, the players were awarded medals appreciating their participation.  

A special thank you to the senior leadership team of the school and the Aga Khan Education Service, Kenya for their support in making the refurbishments of the court possible.  

Photos (top to bottom):
  • Unveiling ceremony of the basketball court
  • Students playing the first basketball match on the new court