Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit


Computer Lab

The Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS), Gilgit has a well-resourced computer lab where the students can learn to use various software applications, including access to the internet and email. A specially tailored instructional programme has been designed to ensure the effective transmission of computer skills to students at all levels. Students are encouraged to include web-based research for projects and assignments.


There is a well-resourced library with books on various subjects. The School subscribes to more than 15 national and international periodicals, and provides an audio-visual room for additional resource support to students.

Science Laboratories

The School has well-equipped labs for Chemistry, Physics and Biology where students learn through practical, hands-on experiments.

Language Resource Centre

AKHSS, Gilgit has a Language Resource Centre (LRC) dedicated to improving language proficiency through building listening and conversational skills. Every week, students attend a session at the LRC with their language teacher.

Conference Hall

AKHSS, Gilgit has a large, multi-purpose conference hall that is used by students and staff for rehearsals, events, and educational workshops.


The School canteen is monitored daily by the School administration to ensure that food ingredients are healthy and fresh, and that the canteen environment is clean and safe.