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15 September 2019
What motivates students to perform well? Fizza Rubab and Hanif Ali share their secrets to success.
Academic excellence means different things for different people. For some, like Fizza Rubab from Karachi, it’s is a matter of carrying forward the family tradition.
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16 December 2018
AKHSS Seenlasht hosts 3 Day Science, Technology and Arts competition
On November 16, District Police officer Chitral Captain (R) Furqan Bilal inaugurated the three-day Science, Technology and Arts competition organized by The Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Seenlasht.
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26 November 2018
AKHSS Chitral Produces a Gentleman Cadet
Muntazir Hassan, son of the proud Muhammad Khan, was born in the valleys of Parkusap Chitral, in northern Pakistan. For most of his student life, Muntazir was a student of the Aga Khan Education Services, first at the Aga Khan School of Parkusap and later, his matriculation and F.Sc. from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS), Chitral.
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30 July 2018
Chitral schools trace history to celebrate Diamond Jubilee
Very few are old enough to remember the glamour and circumstance with which Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah Aga Khan III was weighed against diamonds gifted to him on the occasion of his Diamond Jubilee—60 years of being the Imam, or spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslim community.
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22 December 2016
Secondary School Certificate examinations
Student Ali Nawaz Khan stood 3rd in the Science group in Secondary School Certificate examinations.
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